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Hillman Imp, Singer Chamois, Sunbeam Sport & Stiletto repairs, restoration & parts specialist

Keeping the Imp alive and well!

Some of us have owned an Imp or Imp based car for many years, often not quite having the time, or opportunity to put it ‘back on the road’. With the help of dedicated Parts Suppliers, even the most desperate case can often be rescued.  Most parts are still available, or we can suggest an alternative way to subtly up-rate to a more modern component or system if this makes sense.  Safety and reliability are obviously the priority with this, and experience shows which alterations are worthwhile. Some are probably what Rootes would have got around too, had the Imp been refined and developed as it deserved to be!

Recommended Parts suppliers include:-

Imp Club Spares

Malcolm Anderson

Corley Conversions

Speedy Spares

Southern Carburettors

Radford Panels

Here are some comments received from my customers:-

“Hi Nigel, you may be interested to know that I’ve been using my baby for work each day this week.  She’s running faultlessly as you would imagine. Huge grin from a happy motorist!  

Thanks again, kind regards, Tony”      (Feb 2016)

“Hello Nigel, You may be interested to learn that UWP was in for an MOT yesterday, exactly 12months on. It passed comfortably, the examiner saying it was an excellent car, a credit to whoever has maintained it - so your hard work has been recognised!

Best wishes, Simon”                                (May 2016)

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